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David Dreves Kayaking
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Certified Kayak Courses
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David Dreves Kayaking
Kayak Lessons, Tours and Rentals in The Greater Vancouver Area,
Surrey / White Rock / Ladner
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Call or Text   604-318-4019
Kayak Lessons, Courses, Instruction - Lower Mainland - Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Ladner, Langley, Delta, Abbotsford, Mission, Coquitlam, Richmond
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Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Lessons
in the Greater Vancouver area - White Rock, Surrey
Paddle Canada is a non-profit organization representing recreational paddlers across Canada. Among their objectives is the development of standard skill sets and promotion of safe and enjoyable paddling.
David Dreves Kayaking supports Paddle Canada kayak programs for their defined kayak skill level criteria and certified kayak instructor training.  
Basic Sea Kayaking Course (8 hours) - Lessons introduce the participant to the kayak and related safety equipment, clothing appropriate for different conditions as well as Department of Transport regulations as they relate to kayaking.  Basic paddle strokes are taught, along with low bracing and assisted recoveries (rescues).
Level 1 Sea Kayaking Course (12 hours) - Lessons build on the Introduction to Kayaking course, working to perfect the basic paddle strokes in calm water with more attention focused on proper body positioning; edging, leaning and torso rotation.  A variety of bracing and recovery methods are taught including assisted and solo recoveries (rescues).  Theory instruction covers the use of tide/current tables, weather forecasts, and basic chart reading to plan a safe day long paddle in sheltered waters. 
Level 2 Sea Kayaking Course (4-5 days) - This touring course takes the the skills perfected in the Level 1 Sea Kayaking course, adds a few new strokes and moves them into more "dynamic" waters (wind: less than 20 knots; waves: less than 1 m; current: less than 3 knots). The lessons involve 2 days in White Rock covering new skills and theory and a 2 night tour in the Gulf Islands where participants will share in the trip planning, navigation, camping and decision making responsibilities.
Level 3 Sea Kayaking Course (5 days) - This multi-day touring course will build on the skills from the Level 2 kayaking course to a higher proficiency with a strong focus on practical leadership, risk assessment, decision-making, judgment, group management, and seamanship.